About Us

The FAA was founded in 1927 and has represented Supporting Artists and negotiates the FAA/PACT agreement.

The FAA has been at the forefront of changing technology with the development of the FAA rate app given free to members of BECTU.

More recently (in 2017) it developed its own Agency database and website.

The FAA Agency is the first agency that is supported by BECTU as well as being run, funded, and owned by FAA members.

The FAA Agency strives to be ethical to all and will only use legitimate pay agreements NO Deals.

The Agency is arranging training courses with other branches of BECTU that will enhance our Artists’ chances of receiving more and better quality work.

The longer you stay with us the more work we will put you forward for, unlike other agents.

With over 90 years’ experience between us in the field of Supporting Artists, we know what makes for professional SAs and take pride in being able to deliver what you need, when you need. And we should know because it’s our livelihood. 

We have a flexible team who will give the hands on personal service not given by some agencies. Let us know your requirements and we will start filling your needs.

We set up the FAA Agency on the request of Bectu/FAA union members, as an ethical partner offering real work for real SA professionals.