Guidelines On Set

No photography allowed and no cameras


You are working in a high-pressure industry good teamwork is essential. Listen to the instructions given to you and do what asked to do. When on set keep talking to a minimum.


Catering is provided when you are filming unless told otherwise.

Crew eats first, please wait until told you can eat.


As soon as you arrive you need to sign in with the AD.

You will be given a chit at the start of the work period. When you sign in, you need to fill in the chit with your details and sign it. At the end of the day when wrapped you need to get it signed by an Assistant Directors who will give you one of the pages of the chit and keep the other two one goes to the agent and the other to the productions accounts department. If you do not get this done before you leave you will not get paid by us.

It should take 4-6 weeks from the day that you worked, but can sometimes take up to 3 months. We will pay you via a BACS transfer to your bank account.

It is very important that you give us your correct bank details and update them if you every change you bank.


Costumes are numbered and have your name on them you have the same number each day.

These numbers can be found on your chit or costume – make a note of it.


To help hair and make-up to speed things up try to wear clothes that you don’t have to pull over your head and that have buttons or zips.


When on set listen to what you are told to do and carry out any orders to the best of your abilities.

You may be asked to do the same thing many times try to remember your que and the dialog if any to help if the scene moves on and you are asked to carry on from a later point in said scene.

Talking is often an issue on set so keep talking to a minimum or don’t talk at all.

If you are not sure what you have to do ask an AD or runner what you are needed to do. 


Standby – We are getting ready to start the scene.

Turn Over or Rolling –They are filming, recording sound and picture but you are not to move yet.

Action – Do whatever you have been told to do, you may be told to wait a number of beats before starting your action if so you start counting in your head from action.

Reset, First Positions or Number One’s – Go back to where you started from.


Productions normally get you to sign a confidentiality agreement if you break this agreement you will not be paid and they can take legal action against you.

While you are on set:

Do not do any film or sound recording or photography

  • Obey any rules and regulations given by the production; follow any instructions you get.
  • If your behaviour on set is considered by us or the production company as unacceptable or inappropriate, including your behaviour towards any member of the FAA Agency or any production staff member you may be required to leave the set, the production company may not pay you for the booking, and we reserve the right to remove you from our agency.

Important: While you are at work the FAA Agency is not liable if you are injured (unless it is caused by our negligence) or for any loss of, damage or theft of any of your personal possessions. The production company is responsible for taking out personal injury insurance to cover you while you are on set.

If the production company asks, you must sign a release form. The production company may not pay you if you do not sign this form. You also authorise us to sign any release form requested by a production company on your behalf. If you fail to sign a release form on the day, we may sign it on your behalf, to make sure that you get paid.


Mobile phones and cameras are prohibited on most sets. If you bring a mobile phone or personal valuables or computer games you will be asked to leave it in the holding area at your own risk.