Information for Artists

Support Artist Classes

Please only submit NATURAL photographs, no professional studio photos are required, as we wish to see you in your most natural state. Digitally enhanced photographs are NOT to be submitted. All photographs are to be sent in colour.

Please do not wear make-up, as we must see your true skin complexion. Hair must be naturally styled, with no visible hair products and it must not obstruct your face The head-shot must be taken front-on and should fully show your face.

Mid-length and full-length shots should be taken whilst fully clothed, please refrain from wearing excessively loose clothing in these pictures. Please note that we reserve the right to delete incomplete profiles.

All Level Courses

Confirm your skills and move up the 3 levels we offer our ADs.

The higher your level the more work could be offered, stand out from the rest of the support artist with your FAA accreditation

We carry 3 levels:

Entry (bronze) - shows you have basic skills.
Intermediate level (silver) - shows you have gained the theoretical skills required for ADs and have passed level two training.
Advance (Gold) - you have passed an extensive course which covers practical and theoretical training and can supervise lower level support artist in the field.