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Background artistes, represented through the Film Artistes’ Association (FAA) section of BECTU, are a growing part of the union. Request an application form.

Email to find out more about the union’s support.


What is the FAA/Bectu?
The Film Artistes Association (FAA) is the division of BECTU, (the media & entertainment union), that represents professional film and television background artists.

What is the FAA Agency?
The FAA Agency has been set up with the approval of BECTU and the FAA branch committee to serve the needs of FAA branch members by tendering for jobs with productions that agree to abide by the PACT FAA Agreement where appropriate.

What is the PACT FAA Agreement?
The FAA is responsible for negotiating the agreement under which you work with PACT (Producers Alliance for Film & Television). This is called the PACT FAA Agreement. It covers the area that falls within the 40-mile radius of a circle centred at Charing Cross London. Producers and Artistes agree to abide by the whole of the agreement booklet. Almost all film and TV work in that zone should be working to the PACT FAA agreement

Do all jobs in the 40-mile zone pay FAA rates?
No. But most should. BBC productions such as Holby City and TV commercials pay the PACT Equity rate.

Do I have to join the FAA branch of BECTU to be part of the FAA Agency?
No. It’s not obligatory, but you’ll be missing out on the discounted book fee, and all the benefits of being part of the union such as :-
Representation in the event of a dispute on a production.
Advice on debt recovery for when you have trouble getting paid.
Action on your behalf to obtain compensation in the event of an accident at work.
Free legal advice and support for work-related problems.
Advice on schedule D and National Insurance issues.
Use of the FAA Rate app available to members who use smartphone devices on Android and Apple OS (— report technical faults with FAA Rate app.)
Dedicated email addresses for the reporting of non-union deals and bad behaviour by productions.
Access to a BECTU Negotiating Officer.

What else will I receive?
Your Union Card – Access to the BECTU website – Your own page on Crewbus (the members’ online directory) – Plus, regular contact with your elected committee members.
A copy of the FAA/PACT agreement listing full entitlements, rights and correct payments when working as a Background Artiste on a PACT production.
A free BECTU magazine published quarterly throughout the year – ‘Stage, Screen & Radio’
FAA Newsletter published at regular intervals for members to receive by post or email

Sounds good What else?
Cashback loyalty scheme. Load credit onto store cards to get discounts on your shopping at selected retailers. Small processing fee applies to receive cards in the post.
Save up to 54% on your next cinema visit at your nearest participating, Vue Cinemas, Empire, or Showcase Cinemas.
Discounts on many goods & services, including Apple Computers & iPads, through BECTU Plus (available through the BECTU website).

How much does it cost?
Background artists are some of the lowest paid people in the industry. Members of the FAA Branch receive a discounted membership of BECTU at a cost of £60 a year, payable in monthly instalments of £5 by direct debit. Bear in mind this is a legitimate tax-deductible expense. If you earn enough you’re effectively getting it for free!

How can I find out more?
For more information go to
When you’ve joined you can be part of both the Facebook and Twitter pages

You’ll also be able to send details of poorly paid work and bad behaviour by productions to our dedicated email addresses— report arbitrary pay rates to us – report and rank the behaviour of agents and productions

How can I help?
Being part of the union helps the whole body of workers and presents a united front when negotiation over pay and conditions. It’s in everyone’s interest to encourage people to join.
You can tell non-members can send an email to to receive an automated reply which includes information, details on how to join online and a printable application form.

You can all the BECTU head office on 0207 346 0900 and ask for some application forms and rate cards to hand out on set or location

Your BECU official is Tony Norton –